Amy and Chris Wedding| Catalina Island Wedding

To say that Amy and Chris are kind would be an understatement.  I walked into their home about 2 months before their wedding day, and I was greeted with a big hug from Amy.  Their genuine care for friends, family, and excitement for me to photograph their wedding put me in awe.  From that moment on, I knew this was going to be a great experience.  Fast forward to the day before their wedding.  I arrive on Catalina Island, go to their wedding rehearsal, rested, then I walked to their welcome party.  The things I heard about Amy in particular at this party while the guest were giving toast, just reaffirmed what I already suspected.  She is a gem and these two were meant to be together.

If I were asked to describe there wedding day as a recipe I would describe it as equal parts of beauty, uniqueness, fun, love and memorable.  More specifically, their ceremony took place at the Wrigley Memorial, the details were awesome, and I felt the love from her family and friend.  Amy even had her vows written on the valet ticket from their first date.  Let me just say that I not only had the privilege to say that I was a part of this day, but I can also say that I can call them friends and not just clients.   Amy and Chris examples you can give for two people who were raised right.  Enjoy these images and be sure to leave some love on the blog for the happy couple.



  1. Great job Jay! Looks like it was a wonderful wedding and you captured it beautifully :)